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Making better use of city data
to shape resident lives.
In his TEDxJaffa talk, Guy Pross presents how some cities are making an unprecedented impact on the lives of residents and how a simple shift in thinking can make a huge impact on entire communities. Can a few simple questions make your city exceptional?

In 31ºNorth, Our mission is to work with cities in their journey into the digital age and provide cities with strategies, tools and methodologies to improve lives in their cities. We believe data is the key to any city challenge and therefore we apply advanced data tools and methodologies to systematically identify, map and solve city pain points.

To learn more about our offering and services for municipalities click here.

Besides our ongoing consulting activities, we are leading smart City Research projects around City Data. These research projects are aimed to develop better tools for cities to handle their data collection and analysis.

How can your city get involved:

  • Engage our team in a Data Driven strategy project

  • Participate in one of our City Data research projects

  • Come visit us in Israel and Register to the Smart City Tour

  • Invite us for a Smart City seminar or workshop

  • Share your city challenges

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