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TEDx - The Secret of Exceptional Cities

Can our future cities track and solve our problems? Could they actively identify pain-points within our society and become a driving force in highlighting those sectors in most need? then, once identified, can cities use the power of big data to drive insights that can mobilize city departments to work together to make exceptional changes that can solve problems and improve resident lives.

Exceptional Cities around the world are already doing this, asking questions about resident challenges and collecting critical data to help drive solutions. These cities are abandoning their old 'infrastructure' approaches, moving away from the traditional view that 'one size fits all' and working to personalize and customized themselves to better fit their community.

In his recent TEDx talk (video below), Guy Pross Managing Partner at 31North presents the story of Paris and Louisville and how a simple shift of perspective can make a difference to thousands of residents.

#SmartCity #TEDx #UrbanInnovation #Municipality

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