We Help Cities

Using data, we provide cities with customised strategies, methodologies and tools to improve residents lives


What we can do for your city:

Data Driven Roadmap

to develop your Smart City strategy

to create the basis for the digital future

Smart City Data Audit

to explore one of the most advanced countries

Smart City Tour in Israel

to find unique solutions for specific issues

Research focused on City Data

to acquire new knowledge

Smart City Workshop

Tailor made project

to suit your city needs

We make cities exceptional

The convergence of data is changing our world and creating an opportunity for mayors to make their cities exceptional.


We have dedicated the past 5 years to working with cities in Australia, Asia, Europe, the US and the Middle East to making cities better.

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Uri Kushnir
Managing Partner and co-founder
+972 54 542 4074

Guy Pross
Managing Partner and co-founder
+972 54 830 1022

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Our strategic partners


 Leading cities and mobility players 

What We Do

Supporting global organizations and governments through

facilitation of investment, advisory and research in following fields

Cloud Computing

Internet of Things 

Network Intelligence

Machine to Machine


Big Data

Predictive Analytics

Preventive Diagnostics

Business Intelligence

Operational Efficiency

Critical Infrastructure


Intelligence Solutions 


Cyber Security

Sensor Fusion 
Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
Centalized Control
Embedded Systems



Our Blog

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November 29, 2017

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November 22, 2017

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November 15, 2017

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November 8, 2017

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We Help Mobility Players

We work with global mobility players to improve the penetration of digital services into the evolving industry, focusing on Connected, Shared, Electric and Autonomous Mobility 


What we can do for your company:

MaaS Strategy

to reach new business opportunities

for M&A, joint R&D, etc.

Ad-Hoc Technology search

to be aware of the newest technologies

Technology watch and monitoring

to find the most promising solutions 

Ongoing scouting

to enter new market

Full local representation

Tailor made project

to suit your company's needs


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